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Measure the potential of candidates and employees with the MOERS K-Test

Measure and manage potential

If there is a potential, it means you have the advantage in education and business life. You need a tool to measure the potential. You can use the MOERS K-Test securely while measuring the potential of applying candidates, your personnel, children, or students. Scientifically match the potential of the candidate with the competencies required by the position he/she applied for, and the suitability of the student and the school or profession he/she will choose. Measure and evaluate the compliance of the requirements of the position with the employee.

Develop the potential

The leader’s most important task is converting the present potential into performance. Managing that potential as well as unleashing it takes skill and effort. MOERS creates a difference in your journey from potential to performance. Complete and improve the potential you consider as insufficient by education, coaching, mentoring, therapy etc. Walk hand in hand with your employees, students and children safely on the road to success by managing potential and talent correctly.


Moers K-Test

K-Test Corporate

Since MOERS K-Test is built for Turkish society, it enables you to accurately measure the competencies of your candidates and employees. You can use MOERS K-Test in all Human Resources processes such as starting from performance management to recruitment, career planning, polyvalence, educational requirement analysis, and potential measurement. We discover the talent; you manage it.


K-Test Student

If you choose a profession that fits your personality and competence and you would love, you will work with pleasure for a lifetime without any fatigue. That's what MOERS K-Test is for. Test yourself. Choose your profession confidently with a scientific method, MOERS K-Test. Remember, life is made up of your choices. At the most important turn of your life, May your choices be accurate and God speed you.


K-Test University

Would you like to contribute to your students by measuring the suitability of them for their dream jobs at the beginning, determining their powerful and improvable capacities, and planning their career according to this information? Join our Available Careers project to support young people, who are the guarantee of our future, in affectionately commencing professional life.


K-Test Individual

Hundreds of candidates are competing for the same job. Nevertheless, you may be the winner. With MOERS K-Test, you can confidently measure your personality and competence, your potential, make your individual career plan realistically in the light of this information, and accurately determine the position you are suitable for. Make a solid start in business with MOERS K-Test.

Consulting & Training

Project Consulting

With the principle of projecting and working closely together, MOERS Career Center is always with you as a reliable partner in your way of change, development, transformation with fast, effective, and economic solutions.

Management Consulting

MOERS with long years of practical experience, knowledge, and accumulation, is ready to support you in taking firm steps towards success with consulting, coaching, and mentoring applications.


MOERS Career Center promotes corporations and their most valuable assets, human resources, on their way to improvement with its certificate programs offering in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Strategic HR Project

The new human resources insight, Strategic Human Resources Management, focuses on individuals instead of categorizing or stereotyping them with all its applications. Let's develop the project of transformation together.

From Us to You

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